Consecutive tests showing large temperature fluctuations or inconsistent readings.

If this is happening, the time interval between measurements may be too small (i.e. you're taking consecutive tests too quickly one after the other).

Please wait 10 seconds before taking the next measurement. 

Additionally, please take note of the following recommendations when taking a measurement (these can also be found in the user manual, page 8)

  • If there is perspiration on the forehead, wipe the area dry before taking a measurement.
  • Do not take temperature readings on areas where scars or skin disorders (eczema, dermatitis, etc) are evident.
  • Avoid taking a measurement in close proximity with an air conditioner or immediately after a swim, shower or bath, as measurement results may be lower.
  • It is important that patients remain still when a measurement is being taken as any movements could result in an inaccurate reading.
  • Temperature measurements vary according to the measurement site. If several readings are taken consecutively at different points on the forehead, the manufacturer recommends accepting the highest reading as correct.
  • When taking consecutive readings, wait 10 seconds between readings to allow the thermometer to reset itself.
  • Ensure that the device maintains a 3 to 5cm distance from the forehead during measurement to ensure accurate readings.