Desiccant Dehumidifiers Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting guide for desiccant dehumidifiers

Burning or peculiar smell emitting from new desiccant dehumidifier
When you first use the dehumidifer and periodically afterwards, you may notice a smell coming from the dehumidifier. This smell has often been described as...
Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 1:48 PM
What is the desiccant dehumidifier rotor disc made of?
It is made of zeolites not silica gel.
Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 1:47 PM
Does the desiccant dehumidifier need any maintenance?
No, the dehumidifier automatically regenerates the desiccant internally and you will never have to replace it. 
Mon, 14 Jun, 2021 at 6:15 PM
Desiccant dehumidifier blowing out "cool" air
The unit will blow cold air when it has reach the humidity level you've preset it on. Once the humidity level rises again, it will start blowing warm a...
Wed, 21 Jul, 2021 at 5:44 PM
"Check" light on dehumidifier flashing
This could mean that the dehumidifier is being used at too low a temperature (below freezing), too high a temperature (above 40°C) or that the air flow is ...
Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 1:52 PM